Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Autumn: The Human Condition

Autumn: The Human Condititon

By: David Moody
Infected Books

David Moody presents the final book in the acclaimed
AUTUMN series.

The human race is finished. Mankind is all but dead and only a handful of frightened individuals remain. These people have survived through chance, not skill, and they are a desperate bunch; cheating lovers, work-shy civil servants, permanently drunk publicans, teenage rebels, obsessive accountants, failed husbands, first-time cross-dressers, disrobed priests and more. . . Experience the end of the world from 35 vastly different perspectives.

Carzz's Review
Okay, if you've never read a David Moody book, then your missing out! I loved all of the Autumn books... they had there own... I dont know, but they are awesome! In a book where everyone dies, it lays a different view point for the world. Haha, I dont know what I'm saying, but all I'm saying is check them out!!!
Carzz's Rating

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