Thursday, September 17, 2009

What The Dickens

What The Dickens

By: Gregory Maguire
Candlewick Press

On the darkest night, amidst a terrifying storm, Dinah's parents go missing. While anxious Dinah and her brother and sister worry and huddle for warmth, their cousin Gage tells them an unlikely story--about tooth fairies, known as skibbereen, who are living in warring colonies right in the neighborhood. According to Gage, the skibbereen put those teeth to good use. And Gage has met them. Dinah is skeptical, but as the story unfolds and the storm rages on, she begins to believe.

Carzz's Review
Haha, okay... umm, the right word for this book... Ugh, that would be it. I SOOO didn't care for this book. I found it to be exhausting to read, and If i remember correctly, I think it took me, like three months to finish it. I can't even remember what happened in the end, but all I need to know it not to recommend it.

Carzz's Rating