Thursday, September 17, 2009

L8r, G8r

L8r, G8r

By: Lauren Myracle
Amulet Books

Through their instant messages, three friends have shared the ups and downs of high school: a flirtatious teacher, a witchy classmate, a pot-smoking smoocher, a Care Bear-toting stalker, and much, much more. Now it's their senior year, and Angela, Zoe, and Maddie--otherwise known as the winsome threesome--are feeling invincible. Too bad Jana, the Queen Bee who made their sophomore year a nightmare, is on the warpath again. This time she has it out for good girl Zoe, and it's up to Maddie and Angela to defend their friend. Not that Zoe, who's deep in love with Doug, seems to notice. A series of vengeful pranks escalates, culminating in a senior prom that no one will forget, even if they want to! Will Zoe finally take action and make sure the power of the winsome threesome prevails? The IMs fly in this funny, frank, and oh-so perceptive look at friendship, from the matchless Lauren Myracle.

Carzz's Review
I really enjoyed this book (series). I LOVED the format of it, and I know a lot of people had a problem with that in these books, but if you think about it, then it's really quite creative. But anywho, I enjoyed it, and you shall to!

Carzz's Rating
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