Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy

Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy
Ally Carter

"Did your Covert Operations Coursework ever take you to the town of Roseville, Virginia?"
Even in that sterile room beneath Washington, D.C., I could almost feel the hot humid night last September. I could almost hear he band and smell the corn dogs.
My stomach growled as I said, "Yes."
Polygraph Guy made precise notes and studied the bank of monitors that surrounded him. "Is that when you first noticed The Subject?"
Here's the think about being a spy in love: your boyfriend never has a name. People like Polygraph Guy were never just going to call him Josh. He would always be The Subjects, a person of interest. Taking away his name was their way of taking him away, or what was left oh him.
"And you utilized your training to develop a relationship with The Subject?"
"Gee, when you say it like that--"
"Yes or no, Mrs.--"

-Hayz's Review-
I give this book 5 stars because I thought it was better than the other two in the series. I thought this book had more action and romance in it that the other ones. So I would definitely read this book if you have read the other books.
-Hayz's Rating-
Carzz's Review
Enjoyable book, I dont know if I like the first or second better! haha, but it's a cute book, easy read, and something that would make an excellent read for a hot, boring, relaxing summer day! Go find a hammock, orange juice, music, and READ!!! Sounds fun, eh? haha, but seriously, check it out!

Carzz's Rating

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