Friday, September 18, 2009



By: Lauren Myracle
Amulet Books

On the first day of tenth grade, best friends Maddie (mad maddie), Angela (SnowAngel), and Zoe (zoegirl) vow not to let school stupidness get them down . . . or split them apart. But as the weeks pass and the instant messages accumulate, it's clear that tenth grade will be a roller coaster ride of boy temptation, math torture, donut emergencies, and Queen Bee encounters. Then a jerky boy sends peppy Angela into the dumps, tough Maddie makes a mistake that has the whole school talking, and good girl Zoe gets in over her head with a flirty teacher. Will the winsome threesome make it through the year?

Carzz's Review
This was one of the most clever ways of writing books i've ever seen. I at first thought it was in texting format, only to find out that it was in messenger format, that was the only thing that I didn't like about this series.
But for the most this was a pretty good book. It was an easy read, and it is a good book to take on a long road trip.
Carzz's Rating

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