Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

The Fortunes of Indigo Skye
Deb Caletti

I suddenly see where I'm standing, and that's at the edge of change--really, really big change.

Eighteen-year-old Indigo Skye feels like she has it all--a waitress job she loves, an adorable refrigerator-delivery-guy boyfriend, and a home life that's slightly crazed but rich in love. Until a mysterious man at the restaurant leaves her a 2.5-,million-dollar tip, and her life as she knew it is transformed.
At first it's amazing: a hot new car, enormous flat-screen TV, and presents for everyone she cares about. She laughs off the warnings that money changes people, that they come to rely on what they have instead of who they are. Because it won't happen . . . not to her. Or will it? What do you do when you can buy anything your heart desires--but what your heart desires can't be bought?
This is the story of a girl who gets rich, gets lost, and ultimately finds her way back--if not to where she started, then to where she can start again.

-Hayz's Review-
I did not like this book at all, I didn't even finish it, after 90 pages or so something needs to happen. But nothing did, so I stopped reading it. So I don't have anything to say about this book.
-Hayz's Rating-

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