Thursday, September 17, 2009



By: Lauren Myracle
Amulet Books

After evething they've been through together, Angela, Maddie, and Zoe know they'll be friends til the end--but sometimes the fates (or parents) have other plans.
With sophomore year and its troubles behind them, the winsome threesome is on cruise control, enjoying the well-earned perks of being sixteen. But then Angela (SonwAngel) gets some seriously bad family news :( that threatens to changer her life forever. On top o that, Maddie (mad maddie) decides to let loose her wild side :) and Zoe (zoegirl) struggles to keep a big secret from Angela :O. Will junoir year pull the girls apart, just when they need each other most? Only their instant messages reveal the full story . . .

Carzz's Review
Haha, okay I can hardly remember what went on in this book... Hmmm problem. Okay, well I did like this book (despite my brain shortage). I loved the first, and remember it well... AHHH! haha, just check it out, okay? It's an awesome series!

Carzz's Rating
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