Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Lisa McMann


For Janie and Cabel, real life is getting tougher than the dreams. They're just trying to carve out a little (secret) time together, but no such luck.

Disturbing things are happening at Fieldridge High, yet nobody's talking. When Janie taps into a classmate's violent nightmares, the case finally breaks open--but nothing goes as planned. Not even close. Janie's in way over her head, and Cabe's shocking behavior has grave consequences for them both.

Worse yet, Janie learns the truth about herself and her ability--and it's bleak. Seriously, brutally bleak. Not only is her fate as a dream catcher sealed, but what's to come is way darker than she'd feared. . . .

* * *

Janie concentrates and squeezes her hands into fists, pumping them before they become numb, focusing on pausing the dream. It's slowing, and Janie tries to turn to look at the man. But the dream speeds up again. She can't do them both at once. Janie concentrates again on pausing the scene, and she knows her power is limited. One brad push of energy and the scene slows and stops. She stays perfectly focused, turns slowly, evenly. Sees the look of horror on the girl's face, sees the man's hands around her neck, his arms, and then slowly, slowly, turns to see the face of the man. . . .

-Hayz's Review-
This book was super good! I love the Dream Catcher series! They are really good and easy reads, I can pick this book up and finish it in a night, which I love! If you have read this book, or the first one, Wake, then you are truly missing out!
-Hayz's Rating-

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