Thursday, September 24, 2009



By: Allison Van Diepen
Simon Pulse

The door that was always closed is opening, and I am consumed. I don't know if a full minute goes by that I don't think of him, that I don't replay how it felt to have his hand brush mine, his eyes look my way.
And yet he's hiding, still. He talks as if my feelings for him are in the past, as if they couldn't possibly be relevant now that I know the truth about him. But I don't have that kind of power over how I feel. And if he doesn't know that, he's blind.
-From Raven

* * *

Zin dances with fire in every step, speaks in a honey-sweet voice, and sees with eyes that can peer into your soul. Nicole's friendship with him is the only thing that saves her from the boredom of school and the turmoil of her family life. It's no wonder she is madly in love with him. But she can't understand why he keeps her at a distance, even though she can feel his soul reaching out for hers.
Zin is like no man Nicole has ever met, and he carries with him a very old secret. When Nicole uncovers the truth, her love may be the only thing that can save him from it.

Carzz's Review

Okay, everyone, this seriously, is a great book. It has everything a good book needs to have. Allison Van Diepen did a great job, and i really hope she makes this book into a series.
If you haven't read this, and are looking for a good, easy read that will keep you entertained from cover to cover, then this here, is the book for you (unless you only like biographies, lol). It has a great story line, and has good humor.
If you have read it, then you know what I'm talking about and good for you.☺

Carzz's rating